Electronic Bill Presentment

Electronic Bill Presentment

Saphety’s Electronic Bill Presentment for large invoice issuers enables corporate customers to analyze and adapt invoice data as required, by cost centre, employee or department.

Customer dimensionsCustomers dimensions

Explore any dimension of corporate client organizational structure with a self-service mechanism without interfering with the established billing process. From day 1, corporate customers have the power to draw on data that suits their specific business needs, in complex and demanding environments. Allocate by region, department, cost centre, employee, budget or other; source it to the right target using an on-demand mode, and deliver it according to your specific requirements (e.g. statements per employee or any other factor).

Customer dimensions
Billing  analytics & reporting

Billing analytics reportingBilling analytics & reporting

Complex billing data becomes valuable information when merged and matched with each of your customer profiles. Highly comprehensible dashboards and reports will give your customers the resources to monitor and control any dimension that is key for them. Generating the right information provides access to essential knowledge.

Beyond document presentmentBeyond document presentment

A single channel presents documents and complementary information, in multiple formats, regardless your corporate customer segment, and is supported by a centralized solution. As well as delivering todays document format, the system can generate new ones triggered by a new business context or ecosystem.

Corporate clients can rely on seamless machine-to-machine operation, easily importing and integrating information generated by our Electronic Bill Presentment solution into their management systems.

Beyond document presentment
We plug our solution into your billing system

We plug our solution into your billing systemWe plug our solution into your billing systems

Our solution was developed to be part of your technological ecosystem, without affecting current billing processes. Saphety’s expertise in machine-to-machine integration, gained from years of experience in electronic data interchange, enables us to provide a solution which is agile and fast, supporting all the main communication channels & message formats, without affecting existing billing life-cycles. It is a fully integrated solution, able to recognise legacy systems as well as most known systems used in your sector.